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Collage #1

Collage #1

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This artwork is part of a series of experiments in collages that the artist has been developing in their quest to explore the world of artificial intelligence. Since this piece is based on a creation generated with this technology, the artist decides to appropriate this tool by translating it from the digital realm to the physical, adding texture to the piece with spatulas, and coloring it with acrylic paints.


Collage painting with acrylics on canvas


75x61 cm


This artwork is created using the collage technique, which begins with the artist selecting a photograph. Subsequently, it is colored with acrylic paint, and some of the pieces may have a finish applied with epoxy resin.


For this artwork, being based on photography, the artist has chosen to create a series of 1/1, meaning it is a unique piece, and no further editions will be produced by the artist.


This artwork will be shipped by the artist rolled up and protected with a tube of the highest resistance, ensuring the safety of the piece during its journey to the collector.

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